In Pulse is the latest jazz album by Xavier Desandre Navarre, the aim of this project was to create posters and an "identity" for his latest album. Xavier is a traveller he creates music from sounds he finds and discovers all over the world, he puts them together and improvises during his concerts. The idea here was to recreate the way Xavier works. By combining different shapes togethers and being able to improvise letterforms. Therefore these shapes were based on the pattern of winds on weather maps, considering Xavier's work as a wind flowing over the world, that you can't control, or anticipate.

After having created 6 combinable shapes, the aim was to combine them to creat a poster for the In Pulse album. Here I chose to use a minimum of three shapes by letter to creat a better mouvement on the poster. The Word In pulse [poster 1.] becomes the "logo" of his album, and is followed by the name of the different tracks on the other poster [2.and 3.] The black background lets us dream, and gives a movie set aspect to the identity. Each track has its own inspiration and color: Sodeska is a Japanese word, the poster is pink remining us of the blossoming Japanese cherry trees, and the letterforms created seem to follow more of a japanese ductus. Whereas Bolinas is a town in California, in which we can see the hot orange Californian sunset.